About this agency

Our goal as real estate broker covers, since 1989, the sale and renting of houses, apartments and plots, but also the promotion of new buildings and the development of projects.

Our strength is a t team of twelve sharing three offices
=> Brussels next to the "Place du Chatelain"
=> Grez-Doiceau near Wavre
=> Rhode St Genèse on the border of Waterloo (corner with Avenue du Manoir and Chaussée de Waterloo)

Multi-lingual (Dutch, English, French, Romanian, Turc ...)

Available whether at the office or on the phone (Brussels : 02/644.6110; Grez-doiceau : 010/68.18.90; Rhode / Waterloo : 02/358.2701)

Address : Chaussée de Waterloo, 125 1640  Rhode-St-Genèse

IPI n° : 500976

Website : www.modifa.be