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Principles and general information

Last modified: 08/09/2021

We respect and protect your privacy.

At Immoweb, we want you to feel perfectly at ease while browsing our digital environment, which we also call the Immoweb Platform (our sites, blogs, apps, etc.). We want to remain worthy of the trust you show in us when you view or place ads on our website and app and, in general, whenever you use Immoweb services.

This Privacy Policy aims to inform you as transparently as possible about all of the precautions we take when processing the personal data which you entrust to us or which is collected while you are using our sites and applications.

This policy is also designed to comply with the following legislation in force:

  • the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016, which came into force on 24 May 2016. This applies as from 25 May 2018 and aims to protect the fundamental rights and freedoms of natural persons and in particular their right to the protection of personal data;
  • Any other legislation applicable to Immoweb concerning the protection of personal data.

Note concerning minors: If you are a minor (under 18 years of age), you are not allowed to use our sites and applications and we ask you not to provide us with your personal data.

Please note that we assume no responsibility for the privacy policies of websites to which our site links.

Who is responsible for processing your personal data collected on the Immoweb Platform (websites, blogs, apps, etc.) (Controller)?

For the majority of processing activities, the Controller is Immoweb SA/NV, whose registered office is located at Rue aux Laines, 70, 1000 Brussels, Belgium.

For processing activities relating to insurance and mortgage products and services, Immoweb SA/NV acts as joint controller with Immoweb Financial Services, whose registered office is located at Rue aux Laines, 70, 1000 Brussels, Belgium. Immoweb Financial Services is authorized by the FSMA (Financial Services and Markets Authority).

Is any data processing carried out by other companies?

Yes, some of the processing of the data collected on the Immoweb Platform is the responsibility of another Controller, either due to legal obligations or because the processing requires the expertise of other companies. For more information, see the section ‘Processing of data by third parties’.

How can you contact Immoweb’s Data Protection Officer (DPO)?

Please see the section ‘Your rights and how to contact us’.

Legal basis for collecting information

Immoweb will not collect your information without having a legal basis for doing so.

In fact, we only collect your personal data in cases where:

  • you have given us your consent. Your consent may be inferred from your behavior or actions (for example, when you fill out a form or click on a button). In doing so, you consent to the data entered being used to ensure the proper performance of our services.
  • the processing of your data relies on another legal basis, since the data is necessary:
  1. for the performance of a contract.
  2. to comply with an obligation to which our company (Immoweb SA/NV or Immoweb Financial Services) is subject by law, decree or ordinance.
  3. to fulfil Immoweb’s legitimate interest. In such case, Immoweb undertakes to verify that your interest or your fundamental rights do not override its own legitimate interest.

We protect the confidentiality of your personal data

Your personal data is hosted on Amazon servers in Europe (cloud storage) and by Interxion (storage at a data center located in Belgium) which are configured, monitored and regularly updated to prevent as far as possible:

  • unauthorized access or changes to your data
  • inappropriate use or disclosure of your data
  • illegal destruction or accidental loss of your data

How do we protect your bank details?

When you make an online payment, the credit card number you give us is encrypted and transmitted over the Internet. Immoweb uses the Ogone e-commerce® online payment system from Abssys. This system meets very high security standards by using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and SET (Secure Electronic Transaction) protocols. We do not receive a copy of this data.

How do we protect your passwords?

These are always encrypted and we do not have access to them. If you lose a password for the Immoweb Platform, you will have to reset it.

What technical and organizational measures are implemented at Immoweb?

Immoweb and Immoweb Financial Services employees who have access to your data are subject to a strict obligation of confidentiality in this respect.

In addition, the employees who access your personal data:

  • are all trained in the principles of GDPR
  • only have access to the data necessary for them to perform their duties.

Internal procedures are implemented to ensure the protection of personal data by default and by design so as to fulfil the obligations of the GDPR.

How do we ensure the protection of your data processed by subcontractors?

Immoweb chooses its subcontractors with care. We ensure that they fulfil the requirements of the GDPR and are subject to strict contractual obligations ensuring the confidentiality and security of your personal data.

Which data does Immoweb collect? For what purposes? For how long is it kept?

A fully transparent list of our processing activities.

Key principles, applying to all Immoweb sites and applications

The principle of data minimization

All environments of the Immoweb Platform (websites, blogs, apps, sub-domains, etc.) respect the principle of data minimization according to the GDPR.

The implementation of this principle means that:

  • We only collect personal data where appropriate and relevant and limit this to what is necessary for the purposes for which the data is processed.
  • We store personal data no longer than required for processing for the purpose for which it was collected, unless we are obliged to do so by a legal obligation or for security reasons. After this period, Immoweb will anonymize or pseudonymize your data so that it can be stored without allowing you to be identified. This anonymous data will therefore no longer be considered as personal data (for example: data on browsing behavior) and will help us, on the other hand, improve our sites and services, gain a better understanding of the property market, etc.

The above rules also apply to our subcontractors. These are chosen with care and their ability to respect our principles regarding the protection of personal data is a key factor in determining their selection.

Legal obligations

Certain data must be kept to comply with a legal, tax or administrative obligation Immoweb and Immoweb Financial Services are subject to.

This mainly involves evidence of contracts, financial and accounting data. This data is stored for the period of time required by law and then deleted.

Management and security of the site and its applications

We collect certain data in order to ensure the stability and proper management of our sites and applications, on the legal basis of legitimate interest, to prevent fraud and malicious behavior and by virtue of legal obligations. This concerns the following data:

  • Your IP when accessing the site
  • Your journey on the site (pages visited, times, links followed)
  • The type of device and browser used to access our services
  • E-mails sent (see ‘Data relating to leads’)

This data is stored “as is” (unrevised) for a short period of up to 12 months (maximum of one month for the IP address) for security reasons. It will be anonymized before undergoing any other processing (for statistics, behavior analysis, etc.).

Data relating to leads:

The e-mails you send from the Immoweb site or its applications are kept for a limited period of three months only and solely for the purposes of contact management and security.

IMPORTANT: when you disclose personal data to a third party you choose to be put in contact with via our services, this third party becomes the Controller of the personal data received.

The third party is therefore responsible for ensuring that they possess the necessary legal basis for any other processing they may wish to undertake (other than responding to your initial request).

For example: an estate agent with whom you have no prior relationship receives your e-mail containing a question about a property. He has a legal basis for answering your question and for possibly, in the course of the same exchange, suggesting other similar properties or services linked to your question to you. After this initial exchange, any other offer of service or processing carried out by the estate agent falls under his own responsibility as far as GDPR is concerned.

Polls, surveys, contests, user test panels and events

You are free to choose to take part in surveys, polls, contests and events organized by Immoweb or to participate in a panel of users/testers.

When organizing a poll, survey or test panel, we need your e-mail address to send you the link to the poll or survey in which you are taking part or an invitation to a test on our premises, and then to manage your answers to the questions. The Immoweb teams will process your answers, then those will be anonymized by our systems after one month has elapsed, so that you can no longer be identified. From that point on, we only keep statistics. The aim is to be able to improve our products and services and to identify market trends (property market, mortgage products, etc.). We are therefore unable to give you access to your answers or to help you correct them once they have been sent.

With regard to Immoweb events, your registration data is kept in order to be able to send you our invitations and practical information relating to the event.

Your registration and attendance data is kept during the organization of the event and while it is taking place. Depending on the event, this data may also be kept for up to three weeks after the end of the event to enable the Immoweb teams to thank you, to send you the content presented, to notify you of lost items found by our teams, etc. At the end of this period, your data will be deleted.

Any photo or video images taken during the event enable us to communicate about this on the Immoweb Platform (Immoweb website, blog, etc.) or on Immoweb social media accounts. If you do not wish an image of you to be posted, please inform the photographer and/or cameraman present at the event of this immediately.

We accept no responsibility whatsoever for images taken by journalists or other photographers and cameramen who may be present (public events) by authorization of third parties. Please contact them directly and ask them to delete the image in which you appear.

With regard to Immoweb contests in which you decide to take part, your data is kept for the time necessary to manage the entries, compile the results and contact the winner(s) and for six months after the contest to handle any complaints relating to that contest.

Telephone communications

Calls to and from our Customer service may be recorded to serve as evidence in case a commercial transaction is disputed. Such calls may also be recorded or listened to for the purpose of quality control.

Specific information relating to our various sites and their mobile applications and its mobile applications (IOS, Android)

Your ‘My Immoweb’ account

In order for our teams to provide you with the services you request, you are invited to create a ‘My Immoweb’ account. You may then be asked to supply the following data, depending on the services you choose:

  • Your contact and identification data
  • Your subscriptions to communications from Immoweb and/or its commercial partners* (see explanation below).
  • Your user preferences (language, search criteria, saved ads, etc.)
  • Data relating to billing and publication of your ad

Please note that:

  1. Our teams ensure that they never publish your e-mail address. A person interested in your ad will be able to send you a message using one of our forms provided for this purpose. Your e-mail address will only be shared with this person if you reply to him or her by e-mail. That decision is up to you.
  2. Immoweb prohibits any unwanted commercial use of the personal data that you publish on its platform. In order to protect your personal data, we clearly stipulate in our Terms of Use that “We reserve the unilateral right to prohibit access to all or part of the platform to any individual or legal person who would use the personal data to which he/she can have access on this site to propose paid products or services or to send unsolicited emails to other users of this site ("spamming") for any other commercial purpose or in any other unauthorized manner”.
  3. When placing your ad, you can choose whether or not to request to be contacted again by phone. If you agree, your phone number will be published beside your ad.
  • If you have authorized us to collect this, Immoweb may link certain cookie data to your ‘My Immoweb’ account. In this case, you will also be able to view this data via your ‘My Immoweb’ account. For more information about cookies, please see the Cookies and similar technologies section.
  • Activity log data: for administrative and security reasons, we record certain interventions made from your account or at your request on your account by an Immoweb employee. This information is kept for a maximum of one year and is subject to strict rules concerning access and confidentiality.

The aforementioned data is under your control. It is only stored based on your express request. Except for data subject to a legal obligation, you are free to edit or delete this data at any time via the interface of your ‘My Immoweb’ account.

*Depending on the notifications to which you have decided to subscribe, Immoweb will use the data at its disposal to meet your expectations as far as possible (interests, geographical areas, language, price range).

Loan simulation

Immoweb offers the option, in partnership with Keytrade Bank, of estimating your borrowing capacity by entering some financial data relating to you. You can save this data in your Immoweb account to avoid having to re-enter it for each new estimate.

For the provision of this service for estimating borrowing capacity, Keytrade Bank is joint controller of your personal data with Immoweb Financial Services. The partnership between Immoweb Financial Services and Keytrade Bank is covered by an agreement which, among other matters, specifies very strictly how your data can be processed and is to be protected to ensure optimal protection and fulfilment of the relevant legal requirements.

The various types of personal data that Keytrade Bank has reason to collect in order to provide this service for you are listed in Keytrade Bank’s privacy policy.

If you have any questions about the processing of your data by our partner Keytrade Bank, please contact their DPO by e-mail ([email protected]) or by post at the following address:


Boulevard du Souverain, 100

1170 Brussels

Or our DPO (see ‘Your rights and how to contact us’ section)

Free online valuation tool accessible at You get a guide price to help you sell your property or get in touch with a real estate professional.

To receive your valuation, you will need to fill in:

  • Information about the property to be valued (location, area, year of construction, type of building, etc.)
  • Your e-mail address
  • Whether you own the property and have any plans to sell it

The collected data is anonymized after 30 days. The anonymized data is used to improve our valuation algorithm and for statistical purposes.

At the end of this process, if you have said that you plan to sell, Immoweb will offer to share your data with one or more real estate agents to refine the automatically calculated valuation. This optional step is carried out using a contact form, the data on which is processed according to our policy for Data relating to leads.

Laura is Immoweb’s 100% free service to simplify your move. It can be accessed at

To enable you to benefit from the services offered by Laura, we will need to record:

  • Your contact and identification data
  • The product(s)/service(s) in which you are interested
  • Information about your move

The personal data you share with Laura will be stored for six months and then anonymized.

Immoweb Docs: This service can be accessed at and offers you a service for creating and managing your residential leases and other documents relating to the letting of your property.

To be able to register a document, you must have an Immoweb Docs account.

Besides the data required to create your Immoweb Docs account (ID, language and contact details) and, depending on the type of document concerned, registering your documents may involve the collection of the following items:

  • Data required by applicable legislation relating to letting. This includes the personal data of the landlord and the tenant.
  • Data relating to other documents: proof of insurance, rent guarantee, energy performance certificate, property inventory, etc.

We keep the lease documents (and other documents) for five years after the end of the lease.

Important: No sensitive data as defined by the GDPR is requested via our system or expected by our users for the good operation of our service. However, the user is free to add sensitive (or non-sensitive) data via free text fields or via the document upload feature. In this case, the user is responsible for the data entered. Immoweb will store this sensitive personal data in the same way and for the same period as described in the previous section and will make no further use of it.

This service, which can be accessed at, offers rent guarantee insurance for landlords and a range of insurance packages for tenants.

For the provision of this insurance service, Qover is joint controller of your personal data with Immoweb Financial Services SA/NV.

Qover SA/NV, with its registered office at Rue Belliard 53 -1000 Brussels, RPM/RPR 0650.939.878, is an insurance agent authorized by the FSMA and registered by the financial services and markets authority as an insurance intermediary under number 115284A.

The partnership between Immoweb Financial Services SA/NV and Qover is covered by an agreement which, among other matters, specifies very strictly how your data can be processed and is to be protected to ensure optimal protection and fulfilment of the relevant legal requirements.

Qover is responsible for responding to your request for a quote. If you accept this quote, Qover is responsible for providing the insurance cover that you take out.

The various types of personal data that Qover has to collect in order to provide this service for you are listed in their privacy policy (also accessible via a link from

Immoweb does not have access to data relating to the insurance product nor to subsequent exchanges in this connection between the customer and Qover, except for aggregated data (statistics) enabling the evaluation of the performance and attractiveness of the product.

With your consent, Qover may contact you again concerning products and services of interest to you.

If you have any questions about the processing of your data by our partner Qover, you can contact them at:

Your data is stored by Qover for as long as required for the insurance process. This may involve the following categories of data:

  • Your ID and contact details
  • You may be asked for your date of birth
  • Information about the property to be insured (address, rent, charges, type of building, area, information about flooding, etc.)

Your personal data may be shared with the FSMA (Financial Services and Markets Authority) where ordered by them. and its mobile applications (IOS, Android)

Immoweb Homestamp: This service for creating a certified property inventory is accessible by downloading the Homestamp app from the Google Play Store and the App Store. A mini-site ( also exists to inform users about the app, but does not allow the creation of reports.

The data entered in Homestamp is stored for three years. After this period, you will be sent a message asking you whether you wish your data to remain in Homestamp. If we receive no confirmation from you, your data will be deleted from our servers.

Immoweb’s blog is the best place to find a wealth of useful information and advice about the property world.

Except for possible use by cookies subject to your consent, the blog does not process any personal data.

This is a free online tool that provides an overview of the average price per square meter for real estate in Belgium. This tool is available at the address

Who is responsible?

The party responsible for the processing of personal data with this tool is Immoweb NV, with registered office at Wolstraat 70, 1000 Bussel, Belgium and listed in the RPR in Brussels with company number 0429.223.614.

Which categories of personal data are processed?

In order to provide you with this tool, we use:

  1. the personal data you provide to us when you place an ad on the Immoweb platform, including your contact details, data concerning your property, socio-demographic data and any other data you upload when creating your ad;
  2. aggregated statistical data derived from the public data source Statbel (;
  3. automatically generated data related to your use. This includes data such as your IP address, the browser you use, etc.

The tool will only show an average price per square meter in a given location and the resulting data are therefore in the vast majority of cases not traceable to a particular person. However, it is not excluded that in very exceptional cases the average price relates to only a single property and therefore potentially can be traced back to a single person. It is important to note that the average prices displayed by our tool are estimates only and that we do our best to aggregate the information displayed as far as possible.

Why and on what basis do we process your personal data and how long do we keep the data?

We use the personal data mentioned above under a. and b. for statistical purposes to be able to calculate the average prices in our tool and then publish the average prices per square meter on the platform. We also use this personal data to improve our tool and develop new functionalities and services. For these purposes, we invoke our legitimate interest to be able to inform the market about price trends of real estate in Belgium and to improve our existing services and develop additional ones.

Personal data will be used for a very short time and de-identified almost immediately. The de-identified data will be permanently stored.

These personal data under c. are collected because this is necessary to be able to offer you the tool and we keep them for a short period for security purposes (e.g. to be able to trace abuse). For these purposes, we invoke our legitimate interest in being able to make our tool available in a technically efficient and secure manner.

With whom do we share your personal data?

Your personal data is shared with our service providers (both within and outside the Axel Springer Group of which we are a part, who assist us in providing the tool.

Naturally, average prices are shared with everyone who visits and uses the tool.

Where is your personal data processed?

All your personal data collected when using our tool are in principle processed and stored in the territory of the European Union. However, we use a reputable cloud service provider whose headquarters are located in the United States of America. It is therefore not excluded that your personal data may be accessed by support staff from the United States in the context of, for example, technical support. We have concluded the necessary agreements, based on the model contracts of the European Commission, with this service provider. For more information, you may always contact our DPO: [email protected].

What guarantees do we offer you?

Your personal data will only be processed for the purposes mentioned here and will only be shared with the categories of third parties also mentioned here.

We take the necessary technical and organizational measures to protect your personal data against unauthorized access or theft and against accidental loss, alteration or destruction. We only grant access to your non-aggregated or non-de-identified personal data on a need-to-know basis and ensure that anyone who has access to this data on our behalf is bound by a contractual or legal obligation of confidentiality. However, you understand that safety and security are only best-effort obligations which can never be guaranteed.

What rights do you have in view of the purposes invoked above?

Right of access - You have the right to request access to all personal data processed by us in relation to you. In order for this request to be granted, you must explain which personal data you wish to access. We reserve the right to charge administrative fees for multiple consecutive access requests that are clearly made to cause us inconvenience or harm.

Right to correction - You have the right to request that personal data which are inaccurate are corrected free of charge. If a request for correction is made, it must be accompanied by proof of the inaccuracy of the data for which correction is requested.

Right to erasure - You have the right to request that your personal data are erased if they are no longer necessary in the light of the purposes defined above or if you consider that the processing is unlawful. However, you should note that we will review a request for erasure against our overriding interests or those of a third party, to the extent permitted by law and against any legal or regulatory obligations or governmental or judicial orders that may conflict with such erasure.

In lieu of deletion, you may also ask us to restrict the processing of your personal data if and when (a) you dispute the accuracy of that data, (b) the processing is unlawful, or (c) the data is no longer needed for the purposes described above, but you need it to defend yourself in legal proceedings.

Right to object - You have the right to object to the processing of personal data, but you must explain the serious and legitimate reasons relating to your particular circumstances that justify such an objection. This explanation is not necessary if you oppose our processing of your personal data for direct marketing purposes.

How to exercise your rights - If you wish to make a request to exercise one or more of the rights listed above, please refer to the section at the bottom of this policy.

Processing of data by third parties

Personal data may be shared with third-party recipients for the following reasons:

  • in fulfilment of legal obligations
  • because you have given your consent
  • in response to your request (see: ‘Data relating to leads’)
  • because the processing requires the expertise of other companies (legitimate interest)

In this case, please be assured that the data processing performed by a third party is covered by an Data Protection Agreement. This agreement guarantees a level of protection in accordance with the requirements of the GDPR.

IMPORTANT: unless requested by you, Immoweb never shares data relating to you with its commercial partners.

When you subscribe to communications from Immoweb’s partners, notifications sent to you will always be sent by our teams, using an Immoweb e-mail address.This means that Immoweb remains the sole custodian of your data.

Categories of third-party recipients

Subcontractors of Immoweb


Your personal data is hosted on Amazon servers in Europe (cloud) and by Interxion (data center located in Belgium). For more information, see the section We protect the confidentiality of your personal data.

Statistical and web analytics tools

In order to constantly improve and adapt our content to the interests of our users, we use certain services which collect and evaluate the browsing behavior of users of our websites. These service providers are not themselves Controllers (in the meaning of GDPR) and process pseudonymized data.

With the exception of the anonymized statistics service provided by Google Analytics, statistical and web analytics tools require your consent for the category of ad hoc cookies.

Google Analytics

Immoweb uses Google Universal Analytics (“Google Analytics”), a web analysis service provided by Google Inc. ("Google”). Google Analytics uses cookies to help us analyze how users view our Site. This includes the number of visitors to our Site, the websites visitors come from and pages viewed. We use this information to improve our offer and services on our website. As a rule, all information generated by the cookie concerning your use of our Site will be sent to Google, which will store it on its servers located in the USA.

Google will use this information in the capacity of data processor authorized by use to help us assess the use of our Site, compile reports on online activity and provide us with other statistical and analytical services relating to the use of our Site. The IP address sent by your browser in relation to Google Analytics will not be linked to any data held by Google.

You can block the collection of data generated by the cookie in relation to your use of this Site (including your IP address) and opt out of tracking by Google Analytics on all websites. Simply download and install a browser add-on available here.

To view Google’s privacy policy, click here.

Others consultancy and service companies.

Partnerships specific to Immoweb Financial Services

  • Insurance: see above, section ‘’
  • Banking services: see above, section ‘Loan simulation’

Property Advertisers & commercial partners of Immoweb

A property advertiser and certain commercial partners may, on your instructions, receive your personal contact details in order to respond to the request you send them via our platform.

For more information about the processing of this data, please see above, section ‘Data related to leads’.

Advertising networks

With your consent, data may be collected and processed by third parties via the placing of cookies or similar technologies to offer you products and services of interest to you when you browse the Immoweb platform or any other site or application.

For more information, please see: ‘Cookies and similar technologies’.

Interactions with social media

Customer service and support via social media

You can contact the Immoweb teams via social media on which we are present. For example, if you send us a message or post something on these social media, we can use the information in your message or post to follow up your question. Information provided in this way will never be used for direct marketing purposes, unless you request this.

We draw your attention to the fact that your message or post must not contain any sensitive data (information about your ethnic origin, your political opinions, your religious or philosophical convictions or your health). Remember that if you post something on public social media, anyone can read it.

Social media links/plug-ins.

Our website contains social media links. In order to protect your personal data when you view our website, we do not use social media plug-ins. However, some of our websites, blogs and apps contain HTML links allowing you to share content easily or to log in via social media.

For more information about the aims/scope of the processing and use of your personal data by the social media present on the Immoweb Platform, and to discover your rights regarding confidentiality and settings to protect your data, please click on the following links:







Immoweb may have to share information with the authorities (police, tax authorities, FSMA, etc.) in order to fulfil legal obligations to which it is subject.

Transfer to third countries or international organizations

In order to ensure the provision of the service you request, some of your data may be transferred to servers located outside the European Economic Area or to third parties who may process this data (or have it processed) outside the European Economic Area, on Immoweb’s behalf and according to our instructions. Should this be the case, Immoweb will have an agreement with this third party. By sharing your data with Immoweb, and more specifically by using one of our sites or applications, you agree to our transferring this data abroad, often under the contract we have with you. We act in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Policy and the applicable data protection legislation (in particular the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679)).

Cookies and similar technologies

A cookie is a text file generated by Immoweb’s server or by the server of a third-party application (advertising network, web traffic analysis software, etc.) in your browser. The use of cookies enables the saving and retrieval of information about your browsing habits or preferences or the device you use to access Immoweb sites, blogs and applications.

At the bottom of the page on our sites, you will find a “Cookies” link showing you:

  • Full information about cookies installed by Immoweb or third parties via the Immoweb platform
  • Your consent status to the different categories of cookies
  • The possibility of changing your consent to cookies and similar technologies

What are ‘similar technologies’?

Other technologies exist which enable similar processing and are therefore subject to the same rules. For instance, web beacons, local storage, mobile device identifiers, tracking URLs (used to obtain login data) and pixels or tags. For example, these pixels see the products you view on our websites. Based on this information, we can then show you appropriate ads, on Facebook and Google, for example. Another example: technology such as web beacons (or clear gifs) and action tags count the number of visitors to our platform subsequent to an ad on the third party site. This enables us to improve the success of our advertising campaigns. Another example: your e-mails may contain web beacons and tracking URLs to tell us if you have opened a specific message or accessed a particular link, once more with the aim of improving the quality and performance of our electronic messages.

IMPORTANT: Where we talk about “cookies” on our platforms, this means both cookies and similar technologies.

Essential cookies and other categories of cookie

  • Essential cookies: these do not require your consent and are enabled by default. Their use is based on Immoweb’s legitimate interest and allow us to provide:
  1. Essential functionalities (login, storing your consents or refusal of other cookies, etc.)
  2. Anonymized statistics: data collected via these cookies is only used for the purpose of anonymized statistical processing.
  • Other categories of cookie: their purposes are always described in your consent management tool, which is displayed when you first visit our sites and is always accessible via the “Cookies” link at the bottom of the page on our sites. No cookie from a non-essential category will be installed without your explicit consent.

This includes cookies of third-party partners or advertisers (cookies related to ads, statistical analysis or your interaction with your social media accounts). Third parties are notified about your visit to our site through their cookies. By storing their cookies on your computer, these third parties can recognize you when you visit their site later. Social media cookies (e.g.: Facebook, Twitter) also allow you to share the content of the website visited on your social media.

Note about “Remarketing”

Why do you see Immoweb ads when you are browsing other sites?

If you have consented to this, Immoweb may place cookies on your browser containing information about, for example, the type of property you are looking for. This information is encrypted so that only Immoweb or a partner endorsed by Immoweb (from our advertising network) can read and understand it. This partner, responsible for displaying advertisements on other sites, will then be able to offer you relevant Immoweb properties and services when you browse elsewhere on the web.

Likewise, if you have consented to marketing cookies on one or more other sites you have visited, in order to get relevant advertising content, this content may be displayed on Immoweb, instead of randomly selected ads.

Limitation of liability

Immoweb is sole controller with respect to cookies placed by its teams.

Immoweb shares its responsibility for cookies placed by third-party providers or partners (advertising network, web traffic analysis software, etc.) on sites, applications, blogs and other environments of the Immoweb Platform.

Immoweb’s responsibility in this respect is limited to:

  • The duty to provide information: for each cookie, Immoweb makes sure, via the consent management tool, to present it in the ad hoc category and to give it a clear definition including the objective in mind, the recipient and life of the cookie.
  • The respectful collection and management of your consents.

Your rights and how to contact us

You can access your personal data and correct it at any time. For the website and its mobile app, this is done via “My Immoweb / My account / Edit my profile ”, using your access code and password.

Always for free, you can request the removal of your personal datafrom our database, except for that which Immoweb is obliged to keep by law. Certain data must be kept to fulfil our legal, tax and administrative obligations. This mainly involves evidence of contracts, financial and accounting data. This data is kept for the period of time stipulated by law.

You can also ask us free of charge to send you your personal data or block all or some of the processing of this data.

How to contact Immoweb’s Data Protection Officer (DPO)

For the requests listed above, simply send your request to our Data Protection Officer:

  • Either from the e-mail address linked to your account, to [email protected]
  • or by mail to the following address:
  • You can also call the Immoweb Customer Care service on +32.2.333.32.44. Our assistants speak English, French and Dutch and are available Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.

For the attention of the Immoweb Customer Care service


Rue aux Laines, 70

1000 Brussels, Belgium

Requests sent by mail must be signed and accompanied by a copy of the front of your identity card.

We will then take the necessary steps to fulfil your request as soon as possible.

If you do not receive a satisfactory response, please note that you also have the right to submit a complaint to the Data Protection Authority (formerly the Privacy Commission)