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The valuation, an important step at the start of the sale

You want to sell but you don't know the value of your property? Based on the size, location and numerous other factors, our tool makes an initial valuation free of charge. At the end of the valuation, we also offer you a list of real estate professionals to accompany you in your project.

How to estimate a property for free?

To estimate a property, you must take into account the location, the characteristics (area, condition of the property), the amenities in the surroundings (shops, transport facilities, etc.) and of course, the level of demand.

To do this, you can:

  • look at the real estate listings for nearby properties from real estate agencies or specialized sites such as Immoweb to give you an idea of the price for a similar property.
  • study the price charts in the area of your property.
  • find out about the economic situation and the characteristics of the city in which the property is located.

How to estimate your house or apartment?

You can estimate the price of your house or apartment on your own or by using a real estate agency.

In any case, the elements to be taken into account will be:

  • The location of the property: is it located in town or in the countryside?
  • The total area
  • The age of the accommodation
  • The condition of the house or apartment
  • The level of finishes (are there luxurious or rather low-end materials?)

Do not hesitate to complete the inventory of this information using the price map to give you an indication of the price per square meter.

Why work with a real estate agent?

A valuation that is even more accurate

Because he is "in the field" every day, the real estate agent goes beyond the algorithm: he takes into account the neighborhood, the trends, ...

Peace of mind

Organization of the visits, preparation of the certificates, composition of the files: the real estate agent takes care of everything!

Advertising of the sale

Classified, photos, videos, social media... He also takes care of the advertising when selling your property


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