About this agency

CEUSTERS specializes in real estate brokerage and investment advice, both nationally and internationally. Founded in 1947, this department has been active in the commercial real estate market for more than 80 years.
Throughout the years, CEUSTERS has worked with passion and dedication not only to build unique expertise, but also valuable
relationships with various business partners.

Thanks to our experience and expertise, CEUSTERS is today one of the largest independent players in Belgian commercial real estate. In the Flemish office market, we are even the most important player.

CEUSTERS is headquartered in Antwerp. In order to be as close as possible to our customers and to further strengthen our position on local markets, we also have offices in Brussels, Ghent and Hasselt.
Furthermore, from 5 additional branches (Kortrijk, Wijnegem, Antwerpen Noord, Antwerpen city and Mons) we ensure that we are active all over Belgium.

896 Properties

Including 9 new projects
8 new
47 new

Portfolio of properties for sale of the agency

  • 62 offices
  • 50 industries
  • 3 businesses
  • 1 land

Address : Uitbreidingstraat 72 Bt 2 2600  Berchem

IPI n° : 202258

Website : www.ceusters.be