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About this agency

Over the months you were more likely to trust us!

In order to continually increase our services, more than a real estate agent we position ourselves as a real partner and supports the sale of your property.

Want to trust us also? We'll give you this:

-Valuation just to the market
-Electric control
-Home Staging (small works paintings, reorganization of space ect..)
-You inherit? We dump the property for you!
-Urban research and assistance to stabilise if necessary
-Your move with truck, lift, panels and a team!

A human-sized team awaits you with pleasure in 02/880 70 20!

24 Properties

3 new

Portfolio of properties for sale of the agency

  • 8 apartments
  • 3 businesses
  • 3 houses
  • 2 garages

Address : Rue Henri Strauven 1 1160  Auderghem

IPI n° : 510987

Website :