About this property developer

Immpact is a project developer that specialises in the development and sale of amazing and comfortable apartments for every budget. With more than 30 large and small residences, Immpact is a benchmark within the Belgian real estate market.

To this end Immpact meticulously searches for the right locations. The company has frequently played a pioneering role in the development of urban renewal or reallocation projects. For example, Wings, a complex of 117 apartments on the former airfield in Sint-Denijs-Westrem, or in Hoboken, where Immpact developed a great residential site with 109 apartments on the site of an old warehouse.

For all projects Immpact chooses a creative, architectural concept suited to the surroundings. When it comes to the finish and choice of materials, we use the latest comfort standards. Aesthetics is an essential element.

To guarantee the best prices we are constantly looking for innovative design and building concepts. The building process is often rationalised by working with repetitive building modules. Every square metre of the building is put to optimal use.

Another reason why Immpact can keep its prices affordable is the speed of sale. A high rotation reduces risk and guarantees sufficient profitability with small margins. And we’re not afraid of a little competition. In fact, quite the opposite. After all, in markets with a wide-range of offers, the developer with the best prices is stands out...

Address : Generaal Lemanstraat 55 2018  Antwerpen

Website : www.immpact.be