Outdoor parking space for rent

45€ per month

Immoweb code : 7986375



Parking Fort Jaco Waterloo

Located in Chaussée de Waterloo in Uccle, this parking will delight the workers because of its proximity to the Fort-Jaco tram station and the residents because of its proximity to the Bois de la Cambre. You can also park your car here and go shopping, as there are food stores, banks pharmacies etc. nearby. It is accessible 24 hours a day and offers different rental options, ideal for anyone who is in need of a parking spot!

Price (per moth): Night and Weekend (45€), 24/7 (121€), 5 days/week (109€)

Contact us at 02 880 05 50 or by mail at [email protected]

You can rent this parking at: https://www.bepark.eu/en/parking/belgique/uccle/chaussee-de-waterloo/524?utm_source=realestate&utm_medium=immoweb

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