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5 bedrooms 172 square meters

Immoweb code : 9168242


5 bedrooms
2 bathrooms
172 square meters livable space


House Evasion 1CR Q-ZEN

Our Villa EVASION 1 is well suited to narrow building plots. You will find it has all the qualities of the EVASION villa range. Behind the discreet facade (shown here with the white stone portico and an overhanging eaves), you will find 162 m2 of usable space and all the advantages of a ground floor comprising a day-time and a night-time space. In common with all our models, each square metre has been carefully designed to create a house that is easy to maintain and in which each person will find their own space and their autonomy. Our technicians will be able to provide useful advice if you wish to finish the upper floor yourself. It's simple, and a sure way to make substantial savings. 02/556.47.56
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