About this agency

ERA TOPIMMO : 3 real estates in the province of Luxembourg since 2001 :

Bastogne : route de Marche 143 T 061 210 750 F 061 210 757

Arlon: rue des Capucins 16 T 063 433 110

Neufchâteau: Av de la Gare 171 T 061 412 407


Authorised agents IPI : 501521 512974

Insurance: 730 401047/0037



Our philosophy

Selling, renting, buying, behind these verbs lie the milestones and major stages of life.

Leaving the nest, expanding the family, changing direction, seeing bigger, more practical, better adapted ...


ERA TOPIMMO has been working with you for over 20 years to help you make these important decisions and finalise secure transactions.

Over the years, in a changing world and a changing real estate market, ERA TOPIMMO has also evolved by connecting to current modes of communication, by bringing together within its team the numerous and specialised skills in line with the diversity of real estate professions,


From our 3 offices, strategically located in Bastogne, Arlon and Neufchâteau, ERA TOPIMMO covers the entire territory of the province of Luxembourg and is part of the ERA real estate network (125 real estates in Belgium).

Available 6 days a week, the team will accompany you in order to transpose your needs and your projects into an efficient purchase or sale plan.


Informing you, whether you are a seller or a buyer, a tenant or a landlord, about market conditions, opportunities, new developments and legislative changes,

the follow-up of your file, are our priorities in our real estate coaching relationship.


Your expectations, your wishes, your priorities are heard and taken into account, we enlighten them with our experience and our knowledge of the market.




Address : Avenue de la Gare, 171 6840  Neufchateau

IPI n° : 501.521

Website : www.era.be/topimmo