About this agency

Knokke Homes is a family-run real estate company with two offices in Knokke-Heist. The first office is located on the corner of the Zeedijk and the Majoor Quaillestraat in front of the sailing club in Duinbergen, and the second office is at zeedijk 673 in the Zoute.

Although it concerns a young family business, the dynamic directors can already rely on an active experience of more than 20 years in the Knokke real estate-scene. During this period, they have gathered the necessary market knowledge to become your ideal partner in all your real estate transactions in and around Knokke-Heist.

Their activities are primarily focused on the sale and rental of real estate, but also stewardship and holiday rental are among the tasks with which Knokke Homes can be of service to you.

Thanks to their enthusiasm, their experience and knowledge of the market, they are able to link the right person to the right property and thus guide you in your search for your ideal spot by the sea. Are you looking for a holiday or residential flat, a quietly situated villa or a new building with sea view? Do you want to find a suitable solvent candidate for your flat or house?

Feel free to contact us for an informal talk, we will be happy to help.

Address : Majoor Quaillestraat 2 (hoek Zeedijk) 8300  Knokke

IPI n° : 502.664

Website : www.knokkehomes.be