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Albert Gavere

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We make you feel at home!

Albert is your no-nonsense partner in residential real estate and this from our 14 locally anchored offices in Flanders!
Whether you have purchase, sale, rental or other real estate-related questions, our experienced and passionate team of experts is there for you!

At Albert, no hasty approach but a genuine investment in every customer, every case, each and every time. We always go the extra mile so that we can offer and guarantee high-quality results and personal service.

Wondering what your property is worth? You can contact Albert for a free, no-obligation valuation at one of our offices.
Do not hesitate and contact us today without any obligation at [email protected] or 0800 252 37. We are happy to support and relieve you in a transparent, authentic and personal way!

22 Properties

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1 new

Portfolio of properties for sale of the agency

  • 9 apartments
  • 8 houses
  • 2 lands
  • 1 business
  • 1 office

Address : Stationsstraat 41B 9890  Gavere

IPI n° : 509001

Website :