About this agency

TREVI HAUTE SENNE is a privileged Partner of the TREVI GROUP, as we can inspire of the reputation, the knowhow and the solidity of the members.

RIGOR is for us one of our keywords leading us to accurate, professional and up to date advice and managing in the Real Estate sector.

Experience and being at your service 6/7 days are also the main criteria we’re choosing for. Our estimates are completely studied and developed before transmission as we know there are severe and important engagements behind evaluations.

We are almost all multilingual as we find that we need to communicate very smooth on all sides and this starting from the clients’ demands.

We are very open for personal advice and try to find with you the best way to choose in order to manage your goals within our knowledge of actualized real estate markets.

Address : Rue d’Hérinnes 18 7850  Enghien

IPI n° : 104.874