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I want to do a purchase on plan: which project do I need to choose?

When you decide to apply for your loan, you will be redirected to the website of Keytrade Bank. There you can select 'Do you plan to purchase?' and you can enter your request as a purchase. In the free text field, you can mention that you are doing a purchase on plan. Afterwards an expert will adapt your request manually

Can I use a foreign mobile phone number to create my personal space?

No, that is not possible. You need to use a Belgian mobile phone number.

Can I purchase property abroad via Keytrade Bank?

No, the property you purchase must be located in Belgium, as well as the property on which Keytrade Bank will establish the mortgage.

Can I receive the credit documents in English?

No, the credit documents are only available in Dutch or French. Upon asking for your loan, you can be contacted by an English-speaking credit expert from Keytrade Bank (after booking an appointment).

How does the notary process work?

As soon as you have signed your offer documents with Keytrade Bank, they will contact your notary. The bank will send him/her the necessary information and will inform him/her about the possible dates to sign your credit deed (mentioned in your credit offer). As soon as the project deeds are approved, Keytrade Bank will be able to transfer the credit amount. We advise you to take contact with your notary in order to book a date for the deed.

I have a construction / renovation project: how does it work for the partial withdrawals?

The withdrawals for a construction/renovation project are executed after receiving the withdrawal document and the invoice. Keytrade Bank will pay the invoice directly to the contractor or to your account.

Do I have to pay the invoices myself?

No, you can send the invoices to Keytrade Bank with a withdrawal document and the bank will pay the invoice directly to the contractor. The minimum amount for a credit amount is €250 (by default).

Can I negotiate my interest rate?

At Immoweb by Keytrade Bank you immediately get our best possible interest rate for your request. No need to negotiate. You will receive a personalized rate, right from the start (taking into account the parameters of your specific request).

What is the "annual percentage rate" (APR)?

The annual percentage rate (APR) is a reference indicator, allowing you to compare loans offered by different credit institutions. It is made up of the mortgage loan plus the costs that are directly linked to taking out the loan (e.g.: insurances, notary costs, etc.).

What is the minimum and maximum age to ask for a mortgage loan?

The minimum age is 18 years old at the beginning of the credit and the maximum age should be limited in most cases to the age of pension at the end of the credit. Some exceptions might be done in specific situations.

Can I have a variable rate?

At the moment, Immoweb by Keytrade Bank only offers fixed rates.

Why can't I move the slider to a lower duration?

If you cannot move the slider to a lower duration, it means that, according to Keytrade Bank’s calculations, your borrowing capacity (your revenues compared to your charges) does not allow you to have such a duration. To obtain a lower duration, you have to decrease the loan amount.

One of my income/expenses is not included in any of the categories offered in the tool's income/expenses screen. What should I do?

For your simulation on Immoweb by Keytrade, you can add these income/expenses to one of the existing categories. When you decide to apply for your loan, you will be redirected to the website of Keytrade Bank. There we invite you to mention it in the comment field at the end of your request or to ask for a telephone appointment with a credit expert before sending your request.

Can I modify the split mandate/mortgage?

You cannot adapt this parameter. However, if you consider that specific reasons justify this modification, you will have the opportunity on Keytrade Bank website to mention it in the comment area when you submit your credit application. Their credit expert will look at your specific situation and let you know whether the bank is willing to adapt this parameter or not.

How long do I have to submit all requested evidence regarding my revenues, charges, etc.?

You have two weeks as from when you received the application form to submit all requested documents.

What are the next steps after introducing a credit request to Keytrade Bank?

Once you have introduced your credit request to Keytrade Bank, you will receive your application form in your personal space (if you are not a client yet) or transactional site (if you are already a client). You can sign this form electronically and then you will have to send them the required documents. If you want more details about the process, please check the timeline of Keytrade Bank.

When does the loan repayment start?

The first monthly repayment is due on the 1st of the following month after the deed. Example: if you sign the deed on April 19th, you will pay the 1st workday of May the prorata of interest due for the month of April. It's only on the 1st of June that you will start to pay back the capital and the interest rate due on your mortgage loan. Important to know: this rule only applies for a purchase or a refinancing.

Is an outstanding balance insurance mandatory?

Yes, an outstanding balance insurance is mandatory to have a mortgage loan from Keytrade Bank. We have selected Cardif as a preferred partner because of their highly competitive offer, but you are free to choose the insurer of your choice. This will not affect your interest rate.

In a refinancing project, can I keep the life insurance that I already have?

This is possible in most cases when duration and insured capital are equal to the ones in the new credit. To be sure, we advise you to contact your insurer.

What is a bridge loan? How can I use it?

A bridge loan covers the period between the purchase of your new property and the sale of your existing property (maximum 12 months). The amount of the bridge loan can never be higher than the value of the property minus the outstanding debt on this property.

Your bridge loan will be reimbursed after the sale of your existing property or on the loan expiration date. You will only pay a monthly interest (no capital) from the start date until the reimbursement date of the bridge loan.

Does my type of working contract influence my credit request?

Your type of working contract may influence your credit request. When a credit expert analyses your credit request, it is taken into account.

I want to have an appointment with a credit expert

When you decide to apply for your loan, you will be redirected to the website of Keytrade Bank. There, you can make an appointment with a credit expert from the moment you register your simulation with Keytrade Bank. You can make your appointment via your personal space (when you are not yet a Keytrade Bank client) or via the transactional website (when you are a client) at the right side of the screen.

I want to connect to my personal space on Keytrade Bank: which e-mail address do I need to use?

Please use the e-mail address you have used when saving the simulation on Immoweb by Keytrade Bank.

What kind of projects can be financed via Immoweb by Keytrade Bank?

Immoweb by Keytrade Bank is aimed at private individuals who wish to acquire a first or second freehold property (they need to be 100% owner of the property). This can be a house or an apartment (possibly with a garage).

What is the minimum/maximum duration of the mortgage loan at Keytrade Bank?

The minimum duration is 5 years and the maximum duration is 25 years.

What's the minimum amount I can borrow?

The minimum amount for a mortgage loan at Keytrade Bank is €13.000.

In which case do I need an expertise?

In some cases, Keytrade Bank will ask an expert to evaluate the value of your property. You will be informed when doing the simulation if an expertise is needed. The cost of this expertise is €250.

Where can I have a view of the full process?

On Immoweb by Keytrade Bank, from the simulation until the request, you can see where you are in the process thanks to the navigation pane on the left side of the screen (or top of the screen if you use a mobile device).

Once you submit your request on the website of Keytrade Bank, you will have a clear view of all the steps until the finalization of your mortage loan request at the top of the screen.

Click here to have a detailed view of all the steps from the simulation until the credit release.

At which stage of the process does the mortgage become binding?

Once you sign your credit offer online with Keytrade Bank, it becomes binding. You can have an overview of the whole process here.

Where can I have more information about mortgage loans in general?

You can find some useful information on our website and in Keytrade Bank’s prospectus. We also recommend you have a look at www.notaris.be (mostly in French and Dutch).

How do I choose a notary?

The buyer and the seller of the property have the right to select the notary of their choice without any additional costs.

What are the registration rights and abatement?

The registration rights are a percentage of the purchase price that the buyer needs to pay to the region in which the property he is buying is located. An abatement is a decrease of the tax granted by the tax administration under certain conditions. Those abatements are different in the 3 regions. For more information, please visit notaire.be.

Where can I find more information about my fiscal advantages?

Immoweb by Keytrade Bank does not give any fiscal advice. We recommend you contact your notary if you have specific questions or have a look at the following websites: www.notaire.be or www.belgium.be.

Where can I find the tariff sheet?

You can find the tariff sheet here.

We are three borrowers, what should we do?

Immoweb by Keytrade Bank only accepts credit requests for maximum 2 borrowers.

How long is my simulation valid?

Your simulation on Immoweb by Keytrade Bank is not binding for the bank at this stage. When you decide to apply for your loan, you will be redirected to the website of Keytrade Bank. There you will be able to register your simulation. Only then will your simulation result remain valid for 14 days. If you want to get your mortgage loan at the interest rate of your simulation, you will have to send your application within 14 days to Keytrade Bank. There is an indicator of the number of days left visible on your simulation.

How much does my project cost?

An estimation of the costs linked to your project (costs linked to the purchase and costs linked to the credit) is mentioned on the simulation result screen. However, we advise you to contact your notary to have the exact amounts.

Where does the amount 'own funds' come from?

Keytrade Bank does not lend money for the notary costs, registration rights, research and administrative formalities, etc. This means that you will need to use your own funds to finance these costs. The own fund amount is calculated as the difference between the total cost of the project (as displayed on the simulation result screen) and the loan amount that you selected.

Can I do the Immoweb by Keytrade Bank simulation on my smartphone or tablet?

Yes, you can do your simulation on your smartphone or tablet. On smartphone, the simulation is also available on the Immoweb app.

Can I fill in the personal data of my partner or second borrower?

Yes, you can fill in the personal information of your partner but at a certain point, when you want to submit your credit request to Keytrade Bank, the 2nd borrower will have to sign the request to confirm.

What happens if I realize that the revenues/charges I inserted are incorrect?

As long as you did not register your simulation on the Keytrade Bank website or did you did not yet submit your credit application, you will be able to amend your simulation on Immoweb by Keytrade Bank with your correct revenues/charges. In some cases, this might update the rate as the rate you receive is partly based on your borrowing capacity (your revenues compared to your charges).

If you already submitted a request on Keytrade Bank, their mortgage loan experts will update the correct data based on the evidence documents you send and will contact you if necessary, as this might also have an impact on the rate.

How long is my offer valid?

Your offer from Keytrade Bank remains valid for 20 days. You will have sign (all borrowers) your offer online within 20 days.

How can I refuse an offer?

If you received an offer from Keytrade Bank and you are not going to continue further with them, you can simply inform them. If you do not react in the 20 days validity period, the offer will automatically expire.

Can I choose another insurer than the preferred partners of Immoweb by Keytrade Bank?

You are free to choose the insurer of your choice. If you choose another insurer than Cardif for the outstanding balance insurance, you will have to respect the outstanding balance insurance repartition between the borrowers requested by Keytrade Bank (mentioned on the summary screen of a simulation on the Keytrade Bank website and on your application form). It is necessary to have both the fire insurance and the outstanding balance insurance before going to the notary.

If there are 2 borrowers, is it possible to make a split for the outstanding balance insurance?

If there are 2 borrowers, the split of the outstanding balance insurance that you can take with our partner will be presented on the simulation summary screen on Keytrade Bank website. You are free to modify it as long as you respect the minimum percentage on each borrower, or each borrower can choose to insure up to 100% of the loan. In addition, you are free to take additional insurances and to choose the periodicity of the premium payments (monthly, trimestral, annual, etc.).

Can I repay my loan earlier? What are the early repayment penalties?

At Keytrade Bank, you can pay back your mortgage loan earlier at any time by means of payment of an early repayment penalty equal to three months of interests on the reimbursed capital.

Can I choose for another payment modality than constant monthly repayment?

For the moment, Keytrade Bank only offers a constant monthly repayment, which means that you will repay each month the same amount. For more information about the constant monthly repayment, please have a look at the prospectus.

What kind of guarantees can I use to secure my mortgage loan?

Keytrade Bank always offers a mortgage and, in some cases, a combination of a mortgage and a mandate. At the moment these are the only guaranties Keytrade Bank can accept.

How long is the duration of the process to obtain a credit at Keytrade Bank?

Through this link, you will find an overview of the process timeline to obtain a credit at Keytrade Bank.

The direct debit for the loan instalment did not yet take place. When will it start?

The first direct debit will take place the first day of the month following the signature of the deed at the notary.

Which documents do I need to send to Keytrade Bank?

The documents that you have to send to Keytrade Bank depend on the type of project, the region in which the property is located, your professional status, etc. On the application form you will find a list of documents to send to Keytrade Bank. The application form, including the list, will be available in your personal space (if you are not a Keytrade Bank client yet) or in your transactional site (if you are Keytrade Bank client).

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