About this agency

The Real Estate of Well-being is much more than a motto, it is a real corporate philosophy.
We take care of all aspects of the real estate sale from the first contact to the signing of the authentic deed.
With our 26 years of experience, we value your property based on an excellent knowledge of the real estate market as well as its current trends. Our specializations in related fields (architecture, construction, geobiology, fen-shui, homestanging, coaching, communication, finance, etc.) ensure a successful overall strategy thanks to their multiple skills within the same team. Enough to stay zen and be completely confident ...
The various aspects of land sales are another of our specialties. Our technical skills in construction ensure you a reliable speech with full knowledge of the facts whether you are owner-seller or candidate-buyers.
Choosing one of our 3 agencies is:
- the safety of an accompaniment at every stage without stress and hassle with a return to common sense as well as human values
- guarantee you complete satisfaction
- work transparently and serenely
3 branches on Incourt and Wavre. Territory of 30 kms around our agencies - enough to ensure a relatively wide territorial area

Address : Rue d'Incourt 37 1315  Opprebais

IPI n° : 506609

Website : www.immobienetre.be